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Aircraft Management

Private Flight Group, LLC, provides aircraft management, aircraft charter and flight support. Through an aircraft management contract, aircraft owners entrust the operation of their aircraft to Private Flight Group, which manages aircraft at Westchester County Airport (HPN) the premier location for both owner and charter customers and though out the United States.

Every aircraft owner retains full control of their aircraft, while Private Flight Group, LLC provides a management program to support their needs. Private Flight Group, LLC serves as the flight operations department and manages in the owner’s best interest. The services offered under Private Flight Group, LLC Aircraft Management Partnership include in-house flight planning and scheduling, flight crew staffing, maintenance services and hanger space for the aircraft, along with insurance, accounting and administrative services.

Our Fleet - The Hawker 700A:
This aircraft comfortably seats 7 passengers and has an enclosed lavoratory.
Additionally there is an
aft refreshement center, and you
can enjoy an in-flight DVD on the
14" flat screen monitor.

Please call us at 914-761-6494
for a quote.


We are located at:
184 Airport Road
Westchester County Airport
White Plains, NY.10604
914-761-6494 (Ph)
914-761-8029 (Fax)

Maintenance: All aircraft are maintained in accordance with applicable regulations and the manufacturer's maintenance program.

Crew Services: Professional flight crews are assigned to each managed aircraft, following in-depth interviews and medical examination. Depending upon utilization, three pilots are normally assigned to each aircraft.

Training: All pilots receive instruction and simulator training in procedures and policies for both owner and charter operations. Pilots must complete a simulator proficiency flight check and recurrent classroom training every 6 months.

Safety: All pilot training programs are regularly reviewed and revised to ensure that policies address operational needs while providing the highest level of safety. All scheduled and unscheduled maintenance is performed in accordance with airworthiness regulations. All crew members and maintenance personnel participate in an approved pre-employment and random drug and alcohol testing program.

Flight Operations: Flight Operations personnel are responsible for scheduling and dispatching of both Owner and Charter flights. A Flight Itinerary (airports of departure and arrival, ground handling, estimated flight times, catering, ground transportation, hotels), is sent to the customer prior to each flight, which is subsequently tracked from take off to landing. Sales, Operations and Maintenance staff are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide the customer with up-to-date information.

Accounting Services: All aircraft billings are checked to ensure proper current charges, and to identify each specific flight-related expense. Invoices include a complete breakdown showing each vendor and amount paid, along with a full listing of individual charges by category. clear and precise Quarterly Aircraft Management Reports ensure aircraft owners receive responsible budgets, accurate cost and charter revenue information with no surprises. Naturally, all proprietary client information is held at the highest level of confidentiality.

Option One: Joint Use Aircraft Program
The Joint Use program was developed with the idea of an owner who is looking to use their aircraft and have some offset charter revenue. Ideally this program will generate 25-40 hours of charter for an owner on a monthly basis. This will balance with the owner's needs of 10-25 hours per month. This combination of revenue and owner flying will utilize an aircraft to its maximum potential and efficiency and lower its cost to the owner through revenue flying. PFG will handle all aspects of managing your aircraft. We will schedule the plane, the pilots and your maintenance activities and FAA communication. We will handle your accounting functions. We will also handle your ground transportation needs as well as your in-flight catering needs. In short we will be your personal flight department. Unlike some of the larger companies we will know you by name, not just by your tail number.

Option Two: Owner Aircraft
The owner aircraft program involves just you the owner and your aircraft. In this program you or your company has enough need for the plane that you do not need or want offset charter revenue. Oftentimes customers choosing this option need a plane several days a week or need their plane on short notice and can not take the chance that their plane will not be available. In this program PFG becomes your flight department. Just like our other programs we handle all of your aircraft scheduling, crew scheduling, maintenance and maintenance planning, catering, accounting and follow-up. You the owner will look upon PFG as your own flight department. Since we are your flight department we treat your plane as if it was our own.

Option Three: Revenue Generating Program
Some owners know their schedules well in advance and/or do not need their aircraft that often, but want to continue to own their plane. That is where our Revenue Generating program comes in. Under this program our in house charter staff will aggressively market your plane in the charter market. In addition to having our own customer base we work with a large network of freelance sales agents that will also help keep your aircraft moving when you are not using it. In this program, generating revenue through charter takes the front seat. If a trip becomes available we will book the plane and notify you after we have booked it. In the event that there is a conflict, it will be expected that the owner will step aside for the revenue producing flight. PFG will handle all of your aircraft scheduling, maintenance scheduling, crew scheduling, FAA communication, accounting, catering and ground transportation needs.

Please call us at 914-761-6494 for a quote.

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