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Welcome to The Private Flight Group.  We are a full serviceFull Service Air Charter Company air charter company that focuses on utilizing the combined buying strength of our members to secure aircraft at discounts from regular retail rates.  In addition, our long-standing experience in the charter industry gives us the ability to properly evaluate our charter operators for their suitability while keeping customer service for our clients at the highest level.

The Private aircraft market is full of choices.  There is charter, there are fractional programs, there are travel cards, there are block time agreements.  With all of these choices how do you know which choice is the right one for you?

We make the case that charter wins every time.   Fractionals Charter a Private Plane and Avoid the Hassles of Commercial Airline Travelrequire significant capital up-front, monthly management fees, and hourly rates.  Added up these rates far exceed the hourly cost of chartering similar aircraft.  Travel cards put money into programs that actually charge you a premium to arrange your charter flights and they get the interest.  Block time arrangements are too large for most people to actually derive value from.

At PFG we perform safety audits on the operators that are selected to participate in our program.  We insure that the insurance carried by the operators is adequate to protect you.  We review the operatorís maintenance programs to insure they comply with the highest FAA mandated standards.  We interview each pilot that will fly in our program, and discuss with them their experience level.  Not all operators meet our requirements for your flights.

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